Thursday, July 23, 2009

New Atlas Moth and a new web gallery.

Hi guys, we have a new, albeit smaller, Atlas Moth that was released this morning.

DISCLAIMER: Since Atlas Moths have unusually short and unpredictable lifespans we cannot guarantee that any will be in flight at a given time.

Many of the butterfly images I've taken will eventually make it to my wikimedia commons gallery. Wikimedia commons is a great place to upload educational media. You can find my gallery here.

UPDATED DOOR POLICY: I'd like to take a second to remind everyone about our policies concerning what can and can't enter the exhibit. Strollers are prohibited. This is for several reasons, the main reason being that there are so many pockets, corners and crevices that butterflies can become wedged in and escape. We will always make exceptions for wheel chairs and persons with special needs, though we ask for your cooperation in helping us thoroughly check any wheelchairs or other apparatus before exiting. Purses are allowed, however, our volunteer on the way out will ask to look inside, butterflies are attracted to some floral scented lotions and perfumes and have been known to crawl into purses and bags. We encourage all guests to leave any backpacks, diaper bags, beach bags (aka nonessential items) on our metal shelving unit to the left of the vestibule. We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

A NOTE ABOUT CAMERA BAGS: We realize that many guests have expensive camera and lens systems and that many would like to bring a camera bag. We encourage these guests to bring only what they absolutely need and encourage large camera bags or tripods to be left at home. If a camera bag is brought into the exhibit we will ask that every pocket be opened on the way out to make sure that no butterflies have become trapped in the bag.

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